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Kingston Black Reserve

This Holiday Season we bring you our finest

Single Varietal Heritage Cider.

We have gone a step further with our award winning single varietal Kingston Black cider, crafting it as a "Reserve".


Our Reserve ciders are crafted with special attention paid to enhancing the character of our traditional cider apples. After harvest the apples are “sweat” for several weeks which helps convert starches to sugars and intensifies flavor. Once the apples are milled into a pulp it is allowed to macerate for a week, bringing out more tannins from the skins. The must is pressed into juice and a selected yeast is pitched to start a long cool fermentation. Once fermentation is complete the cider is racked to a stainless steel tank and aged on the lees for 24 months. This final step enhances the structure, mouthfeel and complexity of the cider. 

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"Growing Rare Apples to Craft Great Cider"

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