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  • Do you buy antiques?
    Yes. We will consider antique pieces that are 90 years old or older and in good condition. Please contact us by phone (425-291-7987) or email ( to discuss the items you wish to sell. We ask for photographs along with any history you may have of the items. Please indicate any missing parts, repairs or damage that you are aware of.
  • Do you take items on consignment?
    No, we do not consign, but we do purchase items. Please see "Do you buy antiques?"
  • Where do you get your items?
    The majority of our pieces are acquired from auctions, private individuals and estates, both local and distant.
  • Do you refinish your pieces?
    In most cases, no. We strive to purchase our furniture items in very good to excellent condition and there is rarely a case where refinishing is necessary. For the majority of antique furniture enthusiasts, any signs of wear and use are seen as part of the history and character of the piece, so we do our best to maintain the furniture's structure and function while preserving its original finish. We prefer to offer our customers antiques with their original finish, but we may offer pieces that have been refinished prior to our acquiring them.
  • Do you deliver or ship your furniture?
    Delivery: Yes, we will deliver up to 200 miles from Renton, WA (only within the U.S.). Just ask for a quote! Shipping: Yes, we can provide you with a quote for insured, blanket wrapped shipping to most states (no international shipping, sorry).
  • Do you take credit cards?
    Yes, we accept all major credit cards including American Express.
  • What are your hours?
    Click here for our current operating hours.
  • Do you do appraisals?
    No, we are not certified appraisers. We can offer our experienced opinion on what a current retail value for an antique item would be in our local area, for a nominal fee. Please inquire by email if you are interested in this service.
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