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Our Story
It all started with the purchase of this antique Cider press in 2017.
Antique Cider Mill.jpeg
Nick and Holly with Cider Press SBS.jpeg
It was love at first sight,
and we couldn't wait to share our apple juicing skills with our customers.
Nick got busy putting the antique press to work and we shared fresh apple juice with everyone on special event days.

Everyone loved it!
Nick and Lang with Cider Press.jpeg
Antique Cider Press with Keg.jpeg
Soon afterward,
Nick got an idea.

Holly didn't know what that silver cylinder was.
It certainly was no antique!
Then Holly kept finding Nick with his nose in books like this one.

Uh oh!
Apples to Cider Book.jpeg
Nick and Dan with Apple Press.jpeg
Nick asked his brother Dan, to help him juice apples. They ground and pressed many, many pounds of apples together until they had 75 gallons of juice!
Before long Nick had experimental batches of cider fermenting in what he called "the Secret Cider Room"!
Secret Cider Room.jpeg
Nick with first Cider Bottles.jpeg
After several months of aging the ciders, Nick got them bottled, Holly's sister Tammy created beautiful labels for us and we were ready to share it and get feedback from Renton cider lovers.
Guess what?
People loved it!

And Nick loved telling the story of cider apples and how he got started making Puget Sound Cider Company ciders!

Time to get serious!
Line-up of Ciders with Medals.jpeg
In early 2019, Puget Sound Cider Company became a licensed Washington State Winery. Today we offer many small batch varieties of award winning traditional ciders made with Washington State grown cider apples.
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